Pre AP 8th Grade Science Syllabus

Pre-AP 8th Grade Science

Summary of the Course:
            Pre-AP Science is for students who are planning an educational course that includes a four-year college degree, who are interested in a four-year science degree, and who have at least average math skills.  The first semester of this course is spent in the field of Life and Earth Sciences beginning with the cell and its make-up and ending with Astronomy.  The second semester covers the field of Chemistry and Physical Science.  Topics covered will begin with the atom and its structure to Newton’s Laws and ending with electrical energy.  Thinking, writing, and presentation skills necessary for pursuit of AP credit and college level science courses will be developed. 

Student Expectations:            Students enrolling in Pre-AP 8th Grade Science must be prepared to work at a faster pace than the standard 8th grade science class.  Coursework will also be heavier.  Students are expected to have a good math background, as math is used extensively.  Student work is held to a high standard and all work must be completed on time.    

Class/Lab Rules of Conduct:   

            Students are expected to come to class with a good attitude and all their materials.  It is expected that students will have their book, notebook, homework and pen or pencil everyday.  There is very little tolerance, in this class, for failure to comply.  All students must take and pass a lab safety test before they can participate in lab.  Horseplay, in lab, is totally unacceptable.  Failure to comply can lead to failure of a lab or even removal from the class.  Lab time should be taken seriously and safety standards should be followed at all times.           

Grading Procedures:            This class consists of homework, labs, presentations, and tests.  Labs, Presentations, Homework, and Tests grouped together to account for the overall grade.    A comprehensive 9 weeks test will be given at the end of each term. 

Content:            The first semester of Pre-AP 8th Grade Science is spent covering lab introduction, cells, body systems, genetics, ecology, cycles in nature, ecosystems, plate tectonics, geology, and astronomy.  The second semester is matter, atoms, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, Motion, Newton’s Laws, forces, waves, and electrical waves and magnetism.  This course is designed around the Arkansas frameworks for 8th Grade Science, these will be used when determining what material must be covered.   

Homework, Quiz, Test Procedures:            Homework assignments will be given throughout the course.  Homework should be turned in on time or points will be deducted at a rate of 21% for the FIRST day, in addition to the score that is made.  After 2 days a Zero will be posted.  “Pop” quizzes are given periodically to see whether students understand the material and to hold them accountable for staying up to date with the material.  Tests are usually given after the completion of a chapter; however, there are times when tests may cover an entire unit.  Again, the student’s grade is accumulated through labs, homework,  quizzes, and Tests.

Textbook and Materials:            The textbook, for this class, is Glencoe Science: Level Blue 2005.  Most labs will be taken from the accompanying lab book and textbook.  You can view online labs at   There is a link on my homepage that will direct you to the online text book.

Contact Information:            You may contact me with any questions at the school, 741-3496, or by email at